Why Starting Career Exploration as Early as Middle School Matters

When it comes to formal education, we often place more emphasis on academic content and teaching quality. But ultimately, education leads to a career. So why not give students the opportunity to start their career exploration as early as possible?

While college-focused and formal education are crucial, career-focused guidance can help students:

  • Identify which career paths suit them and understand the significance of their schoolwork
  • Make informed decisions about their college and major choices
  • Prepare for their future careers early on by developing necessary skills, knowledge, and gaining hands-on experience

Matt Gandal’s article on Forbes discusses the benefits of guiding students towards suitable career paths starting as early as middle school. Read the full article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/mattgandal/2024/03/14/the-case-for-starting-career-exploration-as-early-as-middle-school/


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