Program Overview

Our tutoring program provides personalized, one-on-one or small-group support for students seeking to improve their academic and soft skills. Our experienced tutors offer tailored guidance to help students build confidence, sharpen their critical thinking and writing skills, manage their time effectively, and enhance their overall academic performance.

Prepare for University Success

Our tutoring program is designed to help students excel academically by providing them with individualized support in their areas of need. Whether students require help with specific subjects, essay writing, test preparation, or developing study strategies, our tutors are equipped with the expertise to guide them towards achieving their academic goals.

Prepare for a Great Career Launch

In addition to helping students succeed academically, our tutoring program also aims to prepare students for success in their future careers. We offer guidance on developing essential soft skills, such as effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, that are highly valued in the workplace and can lead to increased job opportunities and career advancement.

Learning Outcomes

On the completion of our tutoring program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate mastery in their academic and soft skills, including critical thinking, writing, time management, and communication.
  • Approach their studies with greater confidence and independence, equipped with the necessary tools to excel academically.
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with peers, colleagues, and supervisors in a professional setting.
  • Apply the skills and knowledge gained through our tutoring program to achieve success in their university studies and future careers.

Matthew Passow

BSc (Hons) Property Development (1st Class Honours)


At our academy, we provide effortless access to your course syllabus, with a thorough guide that outlines the topics, assignments, and expectations for the course. We recognize the significance of a well-structured and transparent syllabus in attaining academic success, and it is our mission to furnish you with all the essential information to thrive.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you require access to the syllabus.

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