Program Overview

The Soft Skills course is an essential part of any well-rounded education, preparing students for success in university and beyond. Through a dynamic and interactive curriculum, this course provides comprehensive training in crucial skills such as cultural awareness, confidence-building, effective collaboration, conflict resolution, public speaking, finance management, and time management.

Prepare for University Success

The Soft Skills portion of the course aims to prepare students for university life by instilling the necessary skills to thrive in a diverse and ever-changing environment. Cultural awareness and collaboration skills enable students to work effectively with individuals from different backgrounds, while conflict resolution skills enable them to navigate difficult situations with ease. Additionally, public speaking skills and time management skills enhance academic performance and make students stand out from the crowd.

Prepare for a Great Career Launch

The Soft Skills course is designed to help students become successful professionals. With the acquired knowledge and skills, students will be equipped to communicate effectively with colleagues, work collaboratively, resolve conflicts diplomatically, and deliver effective presentations. Additionally, they will be proficient in managing their finances and time, ensuring they stay organized and productive, leading to increased job opportunities and career advancement.

Learning Outcomes

On the completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop effective communication skills, including public speaking and effective collaboration with colleagues.
  • Handle conflicts diplomatically and resolve them effectively.
  • Manage finances and time effectively and efficiently.
  • Develop the ability to manage work-related stress and build self-confidence.
  • Use their acquired skills and knowledge to enhance their overall academic and professional performance.

Ayumi Tachikawa

Lecturer at University College London, London


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