Program Overview/ What you will learn Our Course Include

The program begins when the student is still in their home country and progresses to the end of their university year. It is an “as-needed” program which is for the student to access as required.

The program includes an initial block of 20 hours where the mentor is available to support the student prior to, and as they begin their studies. This relationship is on an “as needed” basis and covers much more than academic issues. The mentor is also a guide and a connection to community resources that the student may need as the year progresses. And perhaps most importantly the mentor is there to listen, support and empower. Via this program, parents can be reassured that their child has additional protection from the potential pitfalls of university and living in a new country.

Why the Freshman Bridge Mentorship is important

Mentors provide students with advice, guidance, information, resources, and most significantly, are there to listen. This feature of our program allows the student to confidently engage in the life-changing adventure of studying in another country. Further, understanding how to form a relationship with a mentor is a skill which will support the student for the rest of their lives.

Learning Outcomes

On the completion of our tutoring program, students will be:

  • Protected from costly failure and dropping out.
  • Able to remain on track.
  • Able to draw upon skills to make the best of their academic and social opportunity for growth.

Kenneth Knox

Senior Education Advisor (C-suite)
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