In recent years, the phenomenon of graduating students struggling to find employment or ending up in fields unrelated to their specialized training has significantly increased. Even students from some of the most sought-after majors such as Banking – Finance – Accounting – Auditing are facing challenges in job hunting. What are the causes of these issues? Could it be that students don’t fully understand the roles and positions of the industries they are studying, or they are not keeping up with the new trends in economic development in the current period?

On the morning of April 11, 2024, JM collaborated with the Economics and Finance Falculty of the College of Industyr and Commerce to organize a Sharing Session aimed at helping students understand the profession and grasp the development trends to better prepare themselves for the job market. Additionally, the session provided information on “Internship opportunities in Accounting Taxation positions & Advanced programs, accumulating professional experience through simulated projects meeting real-world requirements for each professional position in companies”. Moreover, there were insights shared on the “Secrets to securing jobs at Big4 Audit firms & foreign companies with salaries in the thousands of USD”

Guest speakers at the sharing session:
– Ms. Tran Dong Phuong – Tax Partner cum CFO at Le & Tran Law Firm, Founder of JM
– Mr. Huynh Quoc Ninh – Manager 2 – EY Audit Firm (Big4)

With highly practical content and meeting the demand for understanding professions related to the economic sector, the session attracted over 350 student participants. The students enthusiastically engaged in answering questions from the two guest speakers, especially the test section designed to assess their competency and understanding of the profession, which received warm attention from the participating students.

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