Let this summer be meaningful for your children as they earnestly explore, discover, and experience all career fields present in the job market, such as those in the fields of science and technology like information technology, STEM; economic fields like Finance, Business Administration, Auditing; Law; Marketing and Communications fields like Marketing, Sales, Services; tourism & hospitality industry, etc.


1/ Have fun and unwind after a year of serious studies with an adventurous journey exploring various popular career fields in the job market (11 career fields) through the program building a career roadmap from the U.S.

2/ Completing the program will help children mature in their thinking and seriousness about future career choices. Understanding their own abilities and interests, giving them an advantage over peers of the same age.

3/ Parents understand the abilities & interests of their children to accompany them in setting up career paths for the future. Addressing parents’ concerns about career orientation for their children.

4/ The program aims for practical experience rather than just exploring professions through theory. Practical projects brought into the program by the advisory team are suitable for the abilities & knowledge of each age group to provide the most realistic experiences.

5/ Experienced advisors will help children understand the conditions and standards of specific career fields, nurturing their career aspirations.

6/ Improving language skills under the guidance of foreign advisors and using English-language materials will help children enhance their English proficiency, especially in specialized English.

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Participants: from 12 to 18 years old
Participation format: in-person or online
Date: June 10, 2024
12 weeks of career exploration adventure with Summer Career Camp 2024
JM will provide tools for practical exercises (if attending in person at the JM office)

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