Opportunity to visit the dream international working environment at leading corporations in South Korea – to be inspired about careers. Additionally, you will have the chance to visit the top university in Korea as well as the most prestigious Institute of Science and Technology in Korea – where high-quality human resources are trained, and groundbreaking research projects of the century are conducted.

1/ Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM)
2/ SK Telecom
3/ Citi Bank
4/ Kookmin Bank (KB)
5/ Supreme Court of Korea
6/ Seoul National University

What makes JM’s Summer Tour in Korea 2024 SPECIAL & UNIQUE?

1/ Corporate tour: You will visit leading companies in South Korea related to the future career field you are interested in, including companies in the Finance – Law – Technology sectors.
Within a short time frame, this trip will help you understand the international working environment, feel the professionalism in your desired profession, thereby inspiring you for a specific career. The most important thing is that you can self-assess the suitability for that job to help you make appropriate career decisions in the future. Additionally, you can expand your network with professionals working abroad, learn about career opportunities, internships if available. This encourages you to pursue your dreams and aspirations, and be ready to plan for your chosen career.

2/ Science & Technology tour: You will visit institutes related to science, technology. Opportunities to explore, interact with professors and professionals working here to understand why South Korea is called the technology country.
Additionally, you will immerse yourself in the high-tech area of Seoul – Gangnam, where leading technology companies such as Samsung, SK Telecom are located. Here, you will experience virtual reality games at entertainment centers and challenge your intelligence with future artificial intelligence applications.

3/ University tour: If you have dreams and plans to study abroad in the beautiful country of South Korea, this is a great opportunity for you to learn about the learning environment, facilities, and campus scenery through exploring the Top 1 university in Korea.

4/ Travel tour: Explore culture, cuisine, famous landmarks to understand more about the people and the country you are visiting. You will wear traditional Korean costumes and try bingsu, a sweet shaved ice dessert popular in summer in Korea, capturing beautiful memories through photos taken throughout the journey.
The tour is suitable for both high school and university students who want to explore & develop future careers in an international working environment, especially in South Korea – a country that has been leading in foreign investment in Vietnam in recent years. Through understanding the professional working environment, roles, vision, and mission of leading global corporations as well as exploring the modern culture and progress of South Korea, a country famous for its remarkable development in technology. JM’s tour will equip you with valuable experiences about careers, skills, and knowledge in the industry you are interested in for future success under the guidance of an international advisory team.

Participants: High school and university students
Duration: 5 days & 5 nights
Limited number of participants: 15 students/tour
Participation fee: 40,000,000 VND – includes all expenses of the trip, free entry to visit companies, institutes, universities (participation fee may change depending on the payment date)

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