1. Benefits of Participating in the Program

  • For middle school students: This is an important opportunity for you to early understand various professions as well as know yourselves better to make correct decisions about your future careers. It also supports you in choosing the appropriate subjects at the high school level.
  • For high school students: This is a stage that requires seriousness and time investment in understanding professions as well as determining the right career path for your future. It’s reflected in the decision-making process of choosing majors at the university level, which is always a concern for high school students. Participating in this program will help you understand which profession truly suits you, thereby reducing the pressure of choosing a major at the university level.
  • For students planning to study abroad: Joining this scholarship program will create a favorable impression for admission officers because it demonstrates your seriousness about the profession you pursue through your pre-decision exploration and experience. Additionally, understanding a profession before studying it also helps you confidently write essays and interviews.
  • The opportunity to participate in this Career Orientation Scholarship program will help you mature in thinking and seriousness in choosing a future career. Understanding your abilities and interests will give you an advantage over peers of the same age.
  • The program focuses on real-world experience rather than just exploring professions through theory. Practical projects brought into the program by JM’s domestic and international advisor teams are tailored to each age group’s capabilities and knowledge to provide the most realistic experience.
  • Meeting, networking, and working with domestic and international advisor teams working in multinational corporations will expand your connections, learn experiences, and motivate you to strive. Especially, the opportunity to work with an international advisor team will help you understand and become familiar with the international working environment.
  • Enhance English proficiency, especially English for specific purposes, when comprehending specialized English documents & interacting with advisor teams from various countries around the world.


2. Scholarship Program Content

Part 1 – Career Exploration Stage

Students will engage in learning, experiencing, and exploring 11 different career fields based on the US Career Orientation Program.

Duration: 4 weeks (equivalent to 3 fields/week; 2 sessions/field)

Part 2 – In-depth Study of a Favorite Field

Students will delve into all aspects of a specific career field of their choice after the exploration stage. The knowledge and skills provided will be equivalent to internship programs for high school students abroad.

Duration: Estimated 15 weeks/field, corresponding to 2 sessions/week

Special Feature of the Program: Emphasis on practical application and experience based on real-life simulation models developed by JM’s domestic and international advisory team.

Part 3: Presentation of a Project Related to a Specific Job Researched under the Evaluation of Business Advisory Team

Duration: 1 session


3. Program Participation Conditions

Selection for the Career Exploration Stage

(After passing these 3 rounds with a score of 80/100, students will proceed to Stage 1. Each student will be selected for a maximum of 3 fields out of 11 to explore). Students must have listening, reading, speaking, and writing abilities in English.

  • Round 1: Complete a knowledge and skills test from JM
  • Round 2: Group interview (group members will be randomly assigned by JM)
  • Round 3: Individual interview

Selection for the In-depth Study of 1 Field (Pathway): Pass the career field test.

(After completing the Exploration stage, students will take a test to enter the Pathway stage. Maximum of 10 students/field)

At the end of the program, students will participate in a presentation on a project related to the career field.

(Students will receive a certificate & feedback from the advisory team)


Registration period: April 30th – May 20th, 2024
Registration fee: 100,000 VND/person. The registration fee is intended to demonstrate a commitment to participating in the program seriously and responsibly.


Please contact JM for more detailed information.

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