Embark on a journey of global connectivity

The JM Learning Community is a dynamic and engaging platform that connects students from all corners of the world through Juvenis Maxime’s extensive global networks.
This vibrant community cultivates cross-cultural connections that enable students to engage with a diverse cohort of international peers, forging meaningful and long-lasting relationships. As a member of such a culturally intertwined community, students can develop a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and gain a global perspective that will benefit them in all areas of their lives.

In addition to social connections, the JM Learning Community provides a space for students to seek academic support from their peers and partake in intellectually stimulating discussions. By encouraging critical thinking and the exploration of new ideas, this dynamic platform fosters the development of analytical and problem-solving skills. This collaborative learning environment instills in students a deeper understanding of complex issues, equipping them with the necessary skills for success in both their academic and professional pursuits. Ultimately, the JM Learning Community seeks to ignite a spark of lifelong learning and prepare students to continue the pursuit of future excellence in life.

June - August 2024
FWD Summer Internship 2024 “Time to Xperience – A unique summer experience with FWD easy-to-understand Insurance”
June 29th, 2024 JOIN US AT AMCHAM FOR THE 4TH OF JULY Exclusive for AmCham members LEARN MORE  
June 22nd, 2024 EXPLORE & EXPERIENCE 11 CAREERS MODELED ON U.S. CAREER GUIDANCE Career orientation event for students aged 12 to 18 LEARN MORE  
April 30th – May 20th, 2024 SCHOLARSHIP FOR MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Joining the exploration & challenge with 11 highly popularized fields today LEARN MORE  
April 30th – May 15th, 2024 SCHOLARSHIP FOR TALENTED STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN "READY TO WORK" PROGRAM Preparing for careers in the fields of Finance - Accounting - Auditing - Taxation LEARN MORE  
June 10th 2024 SUMMER CAREER CAMP 2024 FOR MIDDLE SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL Let this summer be meaningful for your children as they earnestly explore, discover, and experience 11 career fields present in the job market LEARN MORE  
June 10th 2024 SUMMER 2024 IN KOREA Kick off your career exploration & development. Opportunity to visit dream international working environments at leading corporations in South Korea LEARN MORE  
April 11th 2024 TALKSHOW AT HITC Understanding Roles, Positions & Career Opportunities: Finance - Accounting - Taxation LEARN MORE  
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