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The JM Learning Community is a dynamic and engaging platform that connects students from all corners of the world through Juvenis Maxime’s extensive global networks.
This vibrant community cultivates cross-cultural connections that enable students to engage with a diverse cohort of international peers, forging meaningful and long-lasting relationships. As a member of such a culturally intertwined community, students can develop a deeper appreciation for cultural diversity and gain a global perspective that will benefit them in all areas of their lives.

In addition to social connections, the JM Learning Community provides a space for students to seek academic support from their peers and partake in intellectually stimulating discussions. By encouraging critical thinking and the exploration of new ideas, this dynamic platform fosters the development of analytical and problem-solving skills. This collaborative learning environment instills in students a deeper understanding of complex issues, equipping them with the necessary skills for success in both their academic and professional pursuits. Ultimately, the JM Learning Community seeks to ignite a spark of lifelong learning and prepare students to continue the pursuit of future excellence in life.

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Learning Community 4 on May 20th 2023:
"How will you prepare for your mental health when studying abroad?”
Can you envisage what you will encounter when studying abroad? Do you have the knowledge and mindset to cope? Mental Health is acknowledged to be of utmost importance, since it affects your whole well being extending your capacity for university success.
Learning Community 3 on May 6th 2023: “Saturday Morning Coffee: Is peer pressure good or not?” Feeling lesser than the friends occurs to all of us. Should we let it bring us down or turn it to a motivation?
Learning Community 2 on April 22nd 2023: “Is it better to get a part time job or to join extra-curricular activities?” An insight from an HR executive on the pros and cons of part time jobs and extra-curricular activities, together with some tips on the recruitment process. The most realistic and useful advice you could have for your future career.
Learning Community 1 on April 15th 2023: “How I became a club president in Bournemouth, UK” Leading a club in a foreign country is a challenging, yet rewarding journey. The president of the Vietnamese Society in Bournemouth shares her story on how she made a success of it.
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