Eight Reasons to Study Abroad

You’re considering studying in another country, but you’re not sure if it’s for you.
We get it, it’s a huge step and it’s a little scary. Leaving the comforts of home or familiar surroundings is daunting, it’s just easier to stay where you are. That said, there are some very good reasons to consider studying overseas and we’re here to help. Here is our list of the 8 best reasons (IMHO) to study abroad:

1. New Cultures

New places, new people, new ways of doing things. It’s a big world, and seeing how other people live, work, and play can be an eye-opening experience. You’ll learn new things while at the same time seeing how we are all related.

2. Enhance Your Language Skills

Generally speaking, there are two ways to learn a language- in school, “academically”, or by immersion. While the academic study of a language can take you far, there is nothing like being there. Slang, nuance, and context cannot be replicated in a classroom in the same way as living 24/7 with a new language. Learning a language through immersion means you will have that language for life and be able to communicate in a variety of contexts.

3. Take Your Network Global

The friends you make at university are friends you will never lose. Some may be from your home country, but others will be from around the world. When those friends are international, you will have a global network. Not a bad thing in today’s hyper-connected world!

4. Build Your Self-Reliance and Resilience

Don’t let this light-hearted list fool you- there are challenges to studying abroad. You will deal with a new language, cultural norms, money, holidays, weather (and clothing), and maybe even driving on the other side of the road. Once you handle all of these and obtain a university degree, you will be empowered with the skills to overcome almost any challenge that comes your way in the future. This is a set of superpowers that doesn’t require being bitten by a radioactive spider.

5. Career Advancement

Most folks who apply for a job are qualified, that’s why they are applying. What will make you stand out? How will you differentiate yourself from the pack? By proving you can handle yourself in new situations, and in new, unfamiliar places, you will have an added set of skills that many employers increasingly seek this century.

6. Shake-up Your Life (in a good way)

We alluded to it a little in number 4; shaking things up can be a good thing. You’ll learn new things about yourself and will come to realize that you are more capable than you thought. Getting out of your comfort zone can lead to some startling revelations. You never know what you can achieve till you try!

7. Food

Often the “international” food we get at home is a toned-down version of the real thing made for local tastes. If you love food, there is nothing like having a pavlova, poutine, a side of ribs, or “toad in the hole” in their countries of origin.

8. Find the Perfect University Program

You’re going to university for an education and to reach a life goal. Being open to studying abroad makes it easier to find the exact program to fit your needs. Finding the perfect fit can make all of the difference and set you on the best path to achieving what you have always dreamed of. More opportunities, more choice and a greater chance of personal fulfilment.

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Author: Kenneth Knox