Career Exploration & Pathway Program

JM opens up opportunities for students to explore future careers through practical, creative, and engaging activities.

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Career Exploration via Company visit

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Company Network for Visit, Job Shadowing & Internship
Career Exploration & Pathway Program

Job Shadowing At Companies

Interactive and Project-Based

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Information Technology (IT)

The use of computer systems or devices to access information. IT plays a vital role in our workforce, business operations, and personal activities.

  • Information Support and Service:
    Resolves technical issues and ensures smooth digital experiences.
  • Network Systems:
    Manages connectivity for seamless data flow.
  • Programming and Software Development:
    Creates the software and applications driving daily functions.
  • Web and Digital Communications:
    Designs websites and shapes online interactions.
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STEM (Science, Technology, 
Engineering, and Mathematics)

An educational program preparing students for college, graduate study, and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

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The management of money, involving investing, borrowing, lending, budgeting, saving, and forecasting.

  • Accounting: Tracks business transactions.
  • Banking Services: Guides financial solutions for individuals and businesses.
  • Business Intelligence: Transforms data into strategic decisions for organizations.
  • Insurance: Manages risks and secures the future through insurance solutions.
  • Securities & Investments: Navigates financial markets to help clients grow their wealth.
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Who is this program for?

Welcome young people from different ages. Especially those who are studying the A level/IB/IGCSE program and aiming to study abroad successfully.

Middle School
High School

Participation Requirements

Program Duration

2 months
8 sessions
3 hours/session

Number of participants

10 people/group/project

Participation Requirements:

  • IELTS at least 5.5 (especially require 
listening & reading skill)
  • Must successfully pass JM's rigorous selection process, including a test & an interview conducted by JM's team of specialists

Key Outcome

Seamlessly Transition

Help student to move from theoretical understanding or personality tests to practical activities through projects. We provide students with a deep comprehension of their chosen profession, the professional working environment, and the job-related skills to meet the demands of their targeted career field.

Research, understand 
and grasp the job requirements

The program offers an opportunity to extensively research different professions available and major options available in college, ultimately saving time, effort, and money. Simultaneously, students can anticipate and understand the profession’s requirements in advance, preparing for both specialized knowledge and skills throughout their 4 years of university, making them ready to become a “future key employee”.

​Gain Confidence

JM CEP empowers students to confidently enter the workforce, pursue their goals and make informed career choices. Self-confidence plays a crucial role in successful negotiations with employers, leading to better benefits.

Acting as a bridge between employers and high-quality human resources

JM CEP provides a platform for employers to introduce their company’s culture and working environment. Likewise, these future key employees have the opportunity to showcase their skills and qualifications to top employers.

Information Technology (IT)

Windows Administration

Windows Server Administration is an advanced computer networking topic that includes server installation and configuration, server roles, storage, Active Directory and Group Policy, file, print, and web services, remote access, virtualization, application servers, troubleshooting, performance, and reliability.

Network Design

Design a cost-effective network based on the requirements of your customer. Create Network Maps and answer Analysis Prompts.


Project Finance Management

Managing a project’s financial aspects including its cost, revenue, and profit together with planning, estimating, budgeting, funding. At the end, the project helps students organize and manage projects better but also positively impacts the business growth

Financial Analysis

Base on the real published data for financial statements, students transfer the information to an Excel file, and analyze its performance, subject to consideration of government policies, general economic conditions, social patterns, goods prices, and currency exchange rates to assess their influences.

Meet Your Mentors

Anthony Pisano

Senior Network Design Engineer

Specializing in Wireless Networking Design and Support, Anthony has excellent problem-solving abilities in managing internal and external data networks with proficiency in Cisco, Aruba, and Juniper platforms. He has a keen technical acumen. In his senior year of High School he took an introductory Cisco class that led him into the world of Networking. Anthony is currently a Senior Network Design Engineer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA, USA. With over twenty years of Networking experience Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge to mentorship, ensuring seamless network operations and security for organizations. He looks forward to the opportunity to share his expertise to inspire a new generation of engineers.


California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena
EarthLink, Pasadena, CA

Stephen Le

Chairman - Lead Litigator of Le & Tran

Stephen is the senior trial lawyer and founder of Le & Tran. With years of extensive experience, Stephen has impressive litigation, arbitration and criminal defence background as well as a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of how Vietnam’s legal system, courts and authorities operate. He has pursued the philosophy “Fighting for Justice” for his entire illustrious career.

In 2017, Stephen was the Winner of the prestigious “Disputes Star of the Year“ awarded by AsiaLaw Profiles in Hong Kong. He has followed up this achievement by receiving numerous additional accolades, including being endorsed as a preeminent trial lawyer of Vietnam by over 50 global corporations and has been highly ranked in Chambers Asia Pacific, Legal500, Benchmark Litigation, and AsiaLaw Profiles for consecutive years.


Le & Tran Law Corporation

Precious Asoro

Clinical Research Professional

A dedicated Clinical Research Coordinator responsible for the coordination and administration of Oncology clinical trials under the direction of the Clinical Research Manager, the Principal Investigator and Medical Director, Precious ensures that studies are coordinated, recorded, and reported in accordance with the protocol, standard operating procedures (SOPs), ICH-GCP, and FDA regulations.


IQVIA, Atlanta, Georgia
PRA Health Science, Atlanta, Georgia
Emory University, Brain Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Emory Winship Cancer Institute, Clifton Campus, GA

Kate Tran

Senior Tax Advisor & Strategic Planner

The Partner of a reputable law firm, the leader of the tax advising team with exceptional results and a trustworthy consultant for tax law advising services to both domestic and multinational companies, Kate’s expertise extends to providing strategic advice on business management, corporate governance, risk assessment, and internal tax regulations. Her critical thinking and problem-solving skills are pivotal to the firm's sustainable success, effective operations & human resources development.

With over a decade of leadership, she has significantly contributed to the firm's remarkable growth and success. Kate plays a key role in building and developing the firm's culture and ethical behavior, making her the bedrock of Le & Tran in numerous tangible and intangible ways.


Le & Tran Law Corporation

Dameshia Young

Network Systems Engineer III

An accomplished Cybersecurity Specialist with over six years of experience and an expert in aligning security architecture with operational goals and standards, Dameshia show strong capabilities of bringing innovative methodologies and proven troubleshooting skills to real-time missions in Windows System, Cloud-Based Applications, and Technical Support Administrator. She is proficient in risk management and a wide range of vulnerabilities and threats with a strong critical thinking, communication, thriving in fast-paced environments where accuracy and efficiency are paramount.


Arcfield INC., Chantilly VA
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, Washington DC
TRUIST Bank (Remote), Wilson, NC
Raytheon Technologies, Washington, DC

Phoebe Nguyen

Chief Finance Officer

With 13 years of experience in working for a logistic company, her areas of expertise are cash flow management, financial budgeting and strategizing, risk analysis and mitigation, M&A due diligence, vendor management, internal control, key performance indicator reporting, financial reporting and analysis, staff management and mentorship, organization leadership, and cross-functional collaboration.

During years of accounting and financial management, she has gained extensive background and experience in maximizing financial operation performance. Phoebe has acquired deep knowledge of financial regulation and compliance as well as the ability to develop strategic financial planning and analysis to maximize profit and control costs. Besides, she has a proven track record for consistently achieving organization goals and objectives while maintaining sustainable growth and long term value for stakeholders


North Bay Distribution, Inc, US

Program Assistance Team

Angie Nguyen

Estee Pham

Christine Nguyen

Phoebe Phan

Tracy Nguyen

Why Choose Us


Evaluate compatibility for the profession

Insights into the career you pursue and have opportunities to receive recommendation letter from JM to apply to multinational companies.


100% English

Foreign mentors will communicate with you EXCLUSIVELY IN ENGLISH. The sessions are also meant to help you develop the most important Business Language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), which will allow you to effortlessly overcome language difficulties at institutions and foreign corporations


Build a professional network in various career fields.

Network directly with industry experts through our tailored programs. Beyond just academic connections, we create opportunities for you to build lasting relationships with professionals in your chosen field. These connections extend beyond graduation day, providing ongoing mentorship and support throughout your career journey.


Improve Essential Skills

Hone independent decision-making skills and take responsibility for your own decisions. Improve problem-solving skills, critical thinking and reading, analysis & research, public speaking, presentation,..


Experience on-site working environment at companies

Immerse yourself in real-world working environments at our partner companies. These immersive experiences go beyond textbooks, allowing you to apply classroom knowledge authentically. Our programs ensure you are not only job-ready but poised to excel in the professional arena from day one.


Receive a program participation certificate

When you complete the course, you will receive a professional certificate, which is extremely value in your application to study abroad


Gain profound insights into 
the desired career – a valuable asset in a study abroad scholarship application.

Deepen your understanding of your chosen career, setting you apart as a well-prepared and knowledgeable candidate in study abroad scholarship applications.

News About Us

People Say Great Things About Us

Juvenis Maxime's CEP played a pivotal role in shaping my successful career today. Initially joining as a university student, the program was more than a stepping stone – it was a game-changer. It wasn't just about evaluating my career path or gaining a certificate; it was a journey of 
self-discovery and finding my true passion. The hands-on approach with on-site experiences at top companies was a turning point in my education. These experiences provided real-world insights and skills, ensuring I entered the job market with confidence and readiness.”

Alex Reynolds
Software Engineer

Juvenis Maxime's CEP was my anchor in a sea of uncertainty. 
Beyond building a professional network, it became a family that believed in my potential. Working closely with foreign mentors, I not only honed my English but discovered a mentorship that transcended borders. This program, with its unwavering support and transformative experiences, became the driving force behind my successful study abroad scholarship application.

Lina Tan
Business Management Student at Monash University

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