The Marketing & Sales Career Cluster ignites your passion for business growth. Become the mastermind behind captivating campaigns, the voice shaping brand narratives, the closer exceeding sales targets, or the product visionary curating customer-loved selections. Find your perfect rhythm and join the engine driving brand awareness and results!

​Marketing Management Pathway

Become the Marketing Maestro: Chart the course for a brand's success! Oversee marketing strategies, campaigns, and budgets to build brand awareness and drive sales. Lead the team in crafting a winning message that resonates with customers.

​Professional Sales Pathway

The Art of the Deal: Become a master negotiator! Develop relationships with clients, understand their needs, and present solutions that drive sales wins. Your communication and persuasion skills will be key.

​Merchandising Pathway

Product Guru: Get the right products in front of the right customer! Forecast demand, plan inventory, and create eye-catching displays that entice customers to buy. You'll be the trendsetter behind the scenes.

​Marketing Communications Pathway

The Master Storyteller: Craft compelling brand narratives! Develop communication strategies, manage advertising campaigns, and build positive relationships with the public. Your voice will shape how the world sees a brand.

​Marketing Research Pathway

Unlock Customer Insights: Become the voice of the customer! Analyze data, identify trends, and understand customer behavior to inform marketing strategies. Your research will be the key to unlocking success.

​Marketing & Sales Careers


Graphic Designers


Creative Directors

Marketing Service Managers

Brand Managers

CRM Managers

Strategic Planners

Marketing Specialists

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“You have to tell a story before you can sell a story.”
Beth Comstock – Vice Chair, General Electric
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