The Transportation & Logistics Career Cluster keeps the world connected. Become the mastermind orchestrating efficient movement of goods, the navigator ensuring safe and timely deliveries, or the technician keeping the transportation network running flawlessly. This dynamic field offers a vital role in connecting communities and driving global commerce. Develop your problem-solving skills, analytical mind, and passion for efficiency to make a lasting impact on how the world moves.

​Transportation Operations Pathway

Keep the World Moving: Become the driver, pilot, or the support crew behind the scenes! This pathway encompasses diverse roles from truck drivers and airplane pilots to logistics coordinators, ensuring the safe and timely transport of people and goods.

​Logistics Planning & Management Services Pathway

The Mastermind of Movement: Plan and manage the complex flow of goods! Design efficient transportation systems, ensuring cargo arrives at the right place, on time, and within budget. Your strategic planning keeps the supply chain running smoothly.

​Warehousing & Distribution Center Operations Pathway

The Hub of Distribution: Ensure efficient storage and delivery! Work in warehouses and distribution centers, managing inventory, overseeing accurate sorting and loading of goods, and keeping everything on schedule to meet customer demands.

​Facility & Mobile Equipment Maintenance Pathway

Keep Everything Running Smoothly: Become the transportation technician! Maintain and repair vehicles, equipment, and transportation facilities, ensuring everything functions safely and efficiently. Your expertise keeps the wheels turning.

​Transportation Systems/Infrastructure Planning, Management & Regulation Pathway

Design the Transportation Network of Tomorrow: Plan, manage, and regulate our transportation systems! Work in government agencies or private firms to develop and maintain roads, railways, airports, and ports, ensuring safe and efficient public transportation.

​Health, Safety & Environmental Management Pathway

Ensure a Sustainable Transportation Future: Become the champion of safety and sustainability! Develop and implement safety protocols, minimize environmental impact, and ensure the well-being of people and the planet within the transportation industry. Your proactive approach paves the way for a greener future.

​Sales & Service Pathway

Connect People & Goods: Become the transportation industry's ambassador! Market and sell transportation services, manage customer relationships, and provide exceptional service. Your communication and relationship-building skills ensure customer satisfaction and keep the business moving forward.

​Transportation and Logistics Careers



International Logistics Specialists


Logistics Analysts

Logistics Managers

Logistics Engineers

Packers And Handlers

Storage And Distribution Managers

Warehouse Managers

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