The Information Technology (IT) industry is the backbone of the modern world, driving innovation and progress across every sector. The IT Career Cluster offers exciting pathways that transform you into a network mastermind, the go-to IT problem solver, the architect of captivating digital experiences, or the builder of tomorrow's software.

​Network Systems Pathway

Become the Mastermind Behind the Network: Design, install, maintain, and manage the complex web of connections that keeps businesses running. From hospitals connecting doctors to vital patient data to global companies sharing information across continents, network systems are the backbone of modern operations.

Information Support & Services Pathway

The IT Problem Solver: Help organizations of all sizes implement computer systems, provide technical assistance, and manage information systems. Whether it's integrating databases for a global investment firm or troubleshooting technical issues for a small startup, your expertise is key to keeping the IT world running smoothly.

​Web & Digital Communications Pathway

Craft the Future of Communication: Design and develop interactive multimedia experiences that engage and inform. From websites and e-commerce platforms to training materials and marketing campaigns, your creativity and technical skills will shape the way businesses connect with their audiences in the digital age.

​Programming & Software Development

Build the Software of Tomorrow: Design, develop, and maintain the software that powers our world. Whether it's launching space shuttles or creating innovative consumer products, your programming expertise will be in high demand across a wide range of industries.

​Information Technology Careers

Network Support Technician

Entry-level Help Desk Technician

IT Support Specialist

System Administrator

Web Developer

Full-Stack Developer

Computer Engineers

Database Administrator/Analyst

Software Developer

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