The Human Services Career Cluster ignites your passion for serving others. Become a champion for young minds, a mental health advocate, a family and community pillar, a caregiver, or a daily living assistant. This rewarding field equips you to provide support, foster connection, and empower individuals across all stages of life. Embrace a fulfilling career focused on human connection and positive impact!

​Early Childhood Development & Services Pathway

Spark Young Minds: Nurture and educate the future generation! Work in childcare centers, schools, or preschools to provide a stimulating environment that fosters learning and growth. Your passion for children will make a lasting impact.

​Counseling & Mental Health Services Pathway

Support Wellbeing and Empower Change: Be a beacon of hope! Guide individuals and families through personal challenges, offering counseling and mental health services in hospitals, clinics, or private practices. Your empathy and support will make a difference.

​Family & Community Services Pathway

Strengthen Communities, Support Individuals: Help those in need! Assist families, the homeless, and individuals facing difficulties. This pathway offers diverse opportunities to provide essential services and empower communities to thrive.

​Personal Care Services Pathway

Elevate Wellbeing and Confidence: Help people look and feel their best! Provide personal care services like hairstyling, makeup application, or fitness training. This pathway offers a chance to boost self-esteem and enhance personal wellbeing.

​Consumer Services Pathway

Empower Informed Choices: Guide consumers and navigate the complexities of everyday life. Help individuals make informed decisions about finances, real estate, insurance, and consumer goods. Your knowledge empowers others to manage their lives effectively.

​Human Services

Preschool Teachers



Adult Day Care Coordinators

Coordinators Of Volunteers

Emergency And Relief Workers

Massage Therapists

Spa Attendants


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