The Finance Career Cluster offers a dynamic pathway to a fulfilling career managing the lifeblood of the economy. From crafting investment strategies to safeguarding against financial risks and keeping the financial ecosystem flowing, this dynamic field empowers you to make a lasting impact in the financial world.

Securities & Investments Pathway

Become the Money Mastermind: Manage a company's financial health! From budgeting and investment strategies to capital allocation and financial planning, you'll ensure a company's financial success.

​Business Finance Pathway

Unlock the Business Story in Numbers: Analyze and interpret financial data to tell a company's story. Record transactions, design systems, and provide insights for informed decision-making.

​Insurance Pathway

Be a Risk Management Pro: Protect individuals and businesses from financial losses. You'll design insurance plans and transfer risk to ensure financial stability in the face of uncertainty.

​Banking Services Pathway

The Master of Money Movement: Manage deposits, loans, and credit for individuals and businesses. Whether it's facilitating investments, offering mortgages, or enabling online banking, you'll keep the financial world flowing smoothly.

​Finance Careers


Financial Manager

Payroll Clerk


Corporate Control

Brokerage Clerks

Investment Bankers

Loan Officer

Claims Agents

Insurance Appraisers

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“Honest accounting is a really important part of corporate responsibility. Let’s just be honest and transparent with the numbers. No inflating, no exaggerating, no reconfiguring. Just pure numbers that tell the honest truth about the companies financial reality.”
Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr.
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