Fuel your business acumen with the Business Management & Administration Career Cluster. Navigate diverse career paths shaping success across industries. Become the strategic visionary, the data-driven powerhouse, the people champion, the efficiency master, or the indispensable backbone keeping businesses running smoothly. This dynamic cluster empowers you to find your niche and contribute to the engine that drives the global economy.

​General Management Pathway

Become the Business Boss: Lead the way! Plan, organize, and direct all aspects of a company, making strategic decisions that drive success. You'll allocate resources effectively and ensure all departments work together seamlessly.

​Business Information Management Pathway

Bridge the Business & Tech Gap: Be the translator! Connect business goals with technology solutions. You'll help implement systems, analyze data, and ensure technology empowers business success.

​Human Resources Management Pathway

Build the Dream Team: Attract, develop, and retain top talent! From recruitment and training to performance management, you'll create a positive work environment and empower employees to excel.

​Operations Management Pathway

The Mastermind of Production: Turn ideas into reality! Plan, organize, and control the resources needed to create a company's products or services. You'll ensure quality, manage schedules, and optimize efficiency.

​Administrative Support Pathway

The Backbone of the Business: Provide essential support! Handle a variety of administrative and clerical duties, keeping information flowing smoothly and projects on track. You'll be the organized force behind the scenes.

​Business Management & Administration Careers

Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Manager

Executive Assistants

Operations Research Analysts

General Manager

Purchasing Managers

Risk Management Specialists

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“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”
Steve Wymn
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