The Architecture & Construction Career Cluster empowers you to shape the built environment. Become a master of design, a builder bringing plans to life, or a guardian of safe and sustainable structures. This dynamic field offers the opportunity to leave your mark on the world, crafting functional and inspiring spaces for generations to come.

​Design/Pre-Construction Pathway

Design the Future: Become the mastermind behind the blueprint! This pathway includes architects, drafters, and engineers who transform ideas into detailed plans, ensuring a project's success from conception to construction.

​Construction Pathway

Bring the Blueprint to Life: Become the builder! Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other skilled tradespeople bring the designs to reality, constructing everything from houses and bridges to hospitals and skyscrapers. Your hands-on skills will shape the world around you.

​Maintenance/Operations Pathway

Ensure Smooth Operations: Become the guardian of structures! This pathway encompasses careers like facility maintenance technicians and industrial machinery mechanics who keep buildings and equipment in top condition. Your expertise ensures everything runs smoothly and safely.

​Architecture & Construction Careers


Surveying And Mapping Technicians

Structural Engineers




System Installers


Service Contractors

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“Architecture begins where engineering ends.”
Walter Gropius
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