Step into the world of marketing and sales, where creativity meets strategy to attract customers. Learn about branding, advertising, and understanding what makes people buy products.

This course is your guide to the commercial world, with four key areas:

Master Marketing and Sales

Assess how marketing fits into the business plan

Explain the impact of sales as a part of business

Discover the world of market research

Dive Into Marketing

Explain the role of marketing in the global economy

Understand how marketing connects to other business areas

Decipher the meaning and importance of the "marketing concept"

Explore Market Segmentation

Analyze different target markets and their needs

Differentiate between targeted and mass marketing strategies

Explore methods for defining customer groups

​Craft the Perfect Marketing Mix

Create a basic marketing mix for a product based on the 4Ps

Understand the difference between marketing goods and services

​Marketing & Sales Careers


Graphic Designers


Creative Directors

Marketing Service Managers

Brand Managers

CRM Managers

Strategic Planners

Marketing Specialists

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“Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customers.”
Seth Godin
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