Explore the legal system and how it shapes our society. Learn about different types of law, from criminal justice to civil rights, and how lawyers help people solve legal problems.

This course offers an in-depth exploration of the legal system, encompassing four key areas:

Foundations of Justice

Understand the history and goals of the criminal justice system, exploring how it upholds law and order.

Identify the different components of the system - law enforcement, courts, corrections - and their functions.

Law and Society: A Historical Journey

Travel through time, examining how ancient civilizations dealt with crime and punishment.

Engage in discussions on the societal causes of crime in today's world.

The Legal Framework

Learn about the elements and classifications of crimes, categorizing offenses based on severity.

Explore the legislative process, following how laws are created and changed.

​The Justice Process in Action

Meet the key players in a courtroom, including judges, lawyers, and jurors.

Deconstruct the components of a trial, from opening arguments to sentencing.

​Law Careers



Court Reporters


Police Officers

Park Rangers

Correction Facilities

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