Program Overview

Enter the world of Information Technology, where innovation shapes the digital world around us. From creating apps to protecting online information, explore how technology impacts our lives.

This course offers an exciting journey into the world of Information Technology (IT). Buckle up as we explore four key areas:

Crafting the Digital Experience

Dive into the fundamentals of web design and graphic design, learning how to create visually appealing websites and graphics.
Master the languages of the web (HTML and CSS) to build and publish your own interactive website.

Coding Adventures

Unleash your problem-solving skills with Python, a popular programming language used to control everything from stoplights to video games.
Design and create a text-based adventure game, learning how to utilize loops, functions, and debugging techniques.

Communication in the Digital Age

Explore the tools and best practices for effective communication in today's world.
Master email etiquette and functionality using Gmail, while learning about collaboration software used in workplaces.

Navigating the Tech Landscape

Discover the exciting trends shaping the future of technology, including artificial intelligence and augmented reality.
Become a cybersecurity expert, identifying and protecting yourself from online threats like malware and cyberattacks.

Information Technology Careers

Network Support Technician

Entry-level Help Desk Technician

IT Support Specialist

Web Developer

Full-Stack Developer

Computer Engineers

Database Administrator/AnalystSoftware Developer

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