Discover careers focused on helping others and making a difference in your community. Learn about social work, counseling, and programs that support people in need.

This course equips you to make a difference in the lives of others through a comprehensive exploration of human and social services:

​The Foundation of Helping Professions

Understand the importance and goals of human services, examining how they improve lives and communities.

Learn to differentiate between human service professionals and social workers, understanding their specific areas of expertise.

​A Journey Through Time

Dive into the history of human services, tracing their evolution from early forms to contemporary practices.

Explore the growing role of technology in human services, understanding how it enhances service delivery.

The Art of Helping

Master the helping process by exploring three core service delivery models, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

Apply these models to real-world scenarios, developing practical skills for intervention and support.

Cultivate the essential qualities of a human service worker, including empathy, communication, and cultural competence.

Promoting Wellness - Physical and Mental Dimensions

Focus on two key aspects of well-being: physical and mental health.

Learn about healthy nutrition, exercise habits, and preventive measures to combat illness.

Recognize the warning signs of mental health issues, understand their causes, and discover available resources.

Human Services Careers

Preschool Teachers



Adult Day Care Coordinators

Coordinators Of Volunteers

Emergency And Relief Workers

Massage Therapists

Spa Attendants


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