Learn about the science behind staying healthy and treating illnesses. Explore careers in nursing, medical research, and public health to understand how we can improve wellness for everyone.

This course equips you with a comprehensive understanding of healthcare through four key areas:

​Charting Your Healthcare Journey

Master fundamental healthcare skills like blood typing, vision testing, and basic medical terminology, building a solid foundation for success.

Learn to interpret X-rays, a valuable tool for medical diagnosis.

​Ethics and Safety in Healthcare

Cultivate interpersonal communication skills, including active listening and clear communication (verbal, non-verbal, and written) to foster trust with patients.

Grasp the importance of safety in healthcare settings, interpreting Safety Data Sheets.

​The Science of Wellness

Discover how diet and nutrition impact your health, making informed choices for a healthy lifestyle.

Prioritize self-care by mastering healthcare safety measures like handwashing, proper PPE usage, and spill clean-up protocols.

Explore the chains of infection and disease transmission, understanding how illnesses spread and can be prevented.

​Unveiling the Human Body and Medical Practices

Embark on a journey through the human body, understanding its organization from cells to complex organ systems and their functions.

Differentiate between viruses, bacteria, and fungi – microscopic players in human health.

Learn about common medical tests and equipment used to diagnose and monitor health, especially those related to the heart and lungs.

​Health Science Careers


Radiology Technicians

Surgical Assistants

Medical secretaries

Medical transcriptionists

Medical records technicians

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“A career in healthcare is more than just a job - it's a calling where you make a difference in people's lives each and every day.”
Kate Tran – JM Founder
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