Program Overview

Dive into the world of finance, where numbers and strategy drive global markets. Learn about banking. investments, and managing money wisely in today's economy.

This course equips you with the essential skills to navigate the exciting world of finance. Get ready to explore four key areas:

Building Your Financial Foundation

Master the basics of money management: identify currencies, understand how financial transactions work, and explore the concept of credit, learning when and how to use it responsibly.

Grasp the legal implications of financial decisions, ensuring you make informed choices.

Taking Control of Your Finances

Demystify paychecks and understand the concept of income.

Learn to navigate taxes – interpret basic information and understand their importance.

Develop and manage a personal budget, taking control of your finances and setting yourself up for success.

Money in Motion: The Business Side

Unveil the role finance plays in businesses, from securing investments to managing expenses.

Gain a foundational understanding of accounting principles, a core language of business.

Learn to analyze basic financial reports like balance sheets and income statements, gaining valuable insights into a company's health.

​Thriving in the Financial World

Develop essential professional skills for a finance career.

Learn to navigate company policies and regulations, ensuring ethical and compliant practices.

Master time management strategies to prioritize tasks and maximize your efficiency in the fast-paced world of finance.

​Finance Careers


Financial Manager

Payroll Clerk


Corporate Control

Brokerage Clerks

Investment Bankers

Loan Officer

Claims Agents

Insurance Appraisers

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A good accountant is a good poet. He appreciates the true value of things.
Robert Frost
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