Program Overview

Get a glimpse into the business world, where leadership and planning lead to success. Discover how businesses are organized, managed, and adapted to compete in the marketplace.

This course is your gateway to understanding the exciting world of business. We'll delve into four key areas:

The Business Landscape

Explore the essential role businesses play in society, from creating jobs to driving innovation.

Dive into the various types of businesses, from small local shops to global corporations, and discover the different ownership structures that define them.

Classification & Systems

Classify businesses based on the products they sell or services they offer.

Understand the roles of retailers, wholesalers, and suppliers in the intricate dance of getting goods and services to consumers.

​The Economic Engine

Demystify the concept of economies and delve into different economic systems, like capitalism and socialism.

Supply & Demand: Learn how the interplay of supply and demand influences prices and impacts business decisions.

​Advanced Concepts & Responsibility

Profitability: Analyze factors affecting business profits, including revenue and expenses, to understand how businesses maximize their bottom line.

Discover the growing importance of sustainable business practices and how they contribute to a healthy planet and thriving societies.

​Business Management & Administration Careers

Human Resources Assistant

Human Resources Manager

Executive Assistants

Operations Research Analysts

General Manager

Purchasing Managers

Risk Management Specialists

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