Explore the world of building design and construction. Discover how architects and engineers create structures, from skyscrapers to sustainable homes, that shape our cities and neighborhoods.

This course delves into the fascinating world of architecture and construction, exploring four key areas:

​The Evolving Landscape

Examine the ongoing process of shaping the built environment, encompassing everything from buildings and infrastructure to utilities and public spaces.

Review the phases of a project's lifecycle - design, pre-construction, construction, and maintenance - gaining a holistic understanding of the building process.

​Architecture and Power

Discuss how architecture and structures are used as symbols of a civilization's power and cultural identity.

Explore the relationship between architecture, technology, science, and innovation, examining how advancements influence design and construction.

​The Art and Science of Building

Uncover the dual nature of building - both an art form and a scientific discipline.

Examine the roles of architects and engineers, recognizing their distinct yet complementary contributions to the construction process.

​Building Green for the Future

Evaluate the growing trend of sustainable green design and construction, exploring its environmental benefits.

​Architecture & Construction Careers


Surveying And Mapping Technicians

Structural Engineers




System Installers


Service Contractors

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“If you weren’t an optimist, it would be impossible to be an architect.”
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