Established in 2020, Juvenis Maxime emerged from a commitment to empower young professionals by revolutionizing career exploration. We recognized the limitations of traditional methods – static resources like career fairs and online research offered limited insights, leaving students with a superficial and one-way understanding of diverse professional realities.

Juvenis Maxime delivers a paradigm shift in career guidance through a suite of comprehensive career planning programs. At the heart of our approach is the power of experiential projects. Leveraging interactive simulations, projects, and career shadowing, we guide students on a journey of self-discovery, helping them translate passions into fulfilling careers. This immersive experience empowers them to discover their true calling and build a strong foundation for success in the modern workplace and beyond.

Mission – Vision – Values

Established in 2020, Juvenis Maxime emerged from a commitment to empower young professionals by revolutionizing career exploration. We recognized the limitations of traditional methods – static resources like career fairs and online research offered limited insights, leaving students with a superficial and one-way understanding of diverse professional realities.

Meet Your Mentors

Kate Tran

Senior Tax Advisor & Strategic Planner

The Partner of reputable law firm, the leader of the tax advising team with exceptional results and a trustworthy consultant for tax law advising services to both domestic and multinational companies, Kate’s expertise extends to providing strategic advice on business management, corporate governance, risk assessment, and internal tax regulations. Her critical thinking and problem-solving skills are pivotal to the firm’s sustainable success, effective operations & human resources development.

With over a decade of leadership, she has significantly contributed to the firm’s remarkable growth and success. Kate plays a key role in building and developing the firm’s culture and ethical behavior, making her the bedrock of Le & Tran in numerous tangible and intangible ways.


Le & Tran Law Corporation

Stephen Le

Chairman - Lead Litigator of Le & Tran

Stephen is the senior trial lawyer and founder of Le & Tran. With years of extensive experience, Stephen has impressive litigation, arbitration and criminal defence background as well as a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of how Vietnam’s legal system, courts and authorities operate. He has pursued the philosophy “Fighting for Justice” for his entire illustrious career.

In 2017, Stephen was the Winner of the prestigious “Disputes Star of the Year“ awarded by AsiaLaw Profiles in Hong Kong. He has followed up this achievement by receiving numerous additional accolades, including being endorsed as a preeminent trial lawyer of Vietnam by over 50 global corporations and has been highly ranked in Chambers Asia Pacific, Legal500, Benchmark Litigation, and AsiaLaw Profiles for consecutive years.


Le & Tran Law Corporation

Anthony Pisano

Senior Network Design Engineer

Specializing in Wireless Networking Design and Support, Anthony has excellent problem-solving abilities in managing internal and external data networks with proficiency in Cisco, Aruba, and Juniper platforms. He has a keen technical acumen. In his senior year of High School he took an introductory Cisco class that led him into the world of Networking. Anthony is currently a Senior Network Design Engineer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, CA, USA. With over twenty years of Networking experience, Anthony brings a wealth of knowledge to mentorship, ensuring seamless network operations and security for organizations. He looks forward to the opportunity to share his expertise to inspire a new generation of engineers.


California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena
EarthLink, Pasadena, CA

Laura Velis

Director of Green Visor Accounting

Laura is a Director at her own business of Green Visor Accounting, specializing in corporate SOX compliance and GAAP. She is dedicated to support business financial growth through consulting and performing full cycle accounting for small – medium sized businesses vary from restaurants, Amazon FBA, franchises, and non-profit to run their operations througout the United States. Laura wishes to utilize her master’s degree in accounting along with her associated skills to influence the new generation of accountants.


Green Visor, Florida

Kolter Group

Nextera Energy, Florida

​Inti Maldonado

Front End Web Developer / Project Manager

Inti is a seasoned Front-End Developer and Webmaster with a unique background in music and technology. He has an ability to blend creativity with technical expertise to deliver exceptional web solutions. His career in New York’s competitive tech scene showcases a history of leading impactful projects, from pioneering web platforms for artist royalties to mastering complex e-commerce sites. With passion and creativity, Inti will bring interesting experiences to the younger generations.


Musicpher, New York

Spectrum Communications – New York

Create the Group – New York

Chen Du

Amazon Web Service Finance Manager

With more than 10 years of experience in the financial industry, Chen Du is currently the Web Service Finance Manager at Amazon, one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms. Before that, she had years of experience in assurance and accountant positions at Ernst & Young and TRW Automotive. In her early educational background, Chen Du graduated with outstanding honors and Dean’s list in Master of Accounting. With profound knowledge, excellent teamwork skills, and experience in advising, mentoring, and training, Chen Du will be a highly desirable mentor.


Amazon, Washington

TRW Automotive, Inc., Michigan

Ernst & Young, Michigan

Nam Pham

Management Accounting Director

An MBA-qualified professional with over 15 years of expertise in account reconciliations, ledger processes, and SAP implementation across various modules. He is dedicated to driving financial success and supporting business growth through effective cost-benefit analysis. As Head of Management Accounting, Nam oversees critical processes including Costing, Budgeting, and Management Reporting, demonstrating proficiency in areas such as Financial Reporting standards, Budget Planning, and Project Management.


CJ Foods, Vietnam

Tan Hiep Phat Group, Vietnam

Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage

Ninh Huynh

Consultant Manager – Financial Services

With over 7 years working as a financial services provider in the fast-paced environments, Ninh has brought a wealth of experience and expertise primed for the role of financial executive at Ernst & Young Vietnam. Results-driven consultant with a track record of delivering strategic insights to optimize business processes, improve risk and financial performance, Ninh has become a key manager in EY Vietnam with his outstanding leadership, advising and problem-solving skills.


Ernst & Young Vietnam

​Oanh Le

Chief Financial Officer

Oanh is the Chief Financial Officer of Vietcetera. She has spent over 12 years in auditing, accounting & tax, financial planning, and corporate finance across multiple corporations and newly established. As a Board of Management member overseeing Finance & Accounting, Oanh’s objective is always to see a significant and long-lasting positive impact financially, and to ensure a comfortable working atmosphere that adds business value as one goal. Beyond this, Oanh is seeking to convey her vision and experience to the future workforce.


Vietcetera, Vietnam

MoMo, Vietnam

AIA, Vietnam

Deloitte, Vietnam

Lance Rodman

Director of Support Services

As a Senior Consultant for Corporate Learning & Development, Lance is a valuable contributor to the executive team. His insights into organizational dynamics and employee engagement have been instrumental in shaping the strategic decisions and guiding organizations through periods of growth and change. Lance successfully completed his Doctor of Business Administration at the Indiana Wesleyan University, his MBA from Louisiana State University, and his undergraduate degree from Crown College. With his extensive expertise and leadership experience, Lance will bring valuable knowledge to the younger workforce.



Electro-Metrics Corporation, New York

The Table, Oklahoma

Alhambra-US Chamber of Commerce

Silva & Habeck Consulting

Nicole Brow

Marketing Communications Manager

Nicole is an accomplished Marketing Communication Manager with over 16 years of experience. She has been instrumental in driving product line sales through collaborative execution of regional products and channel marketing initiatives. Nicole’s expertise extends to promoting products across various channels, launching new products, and developing comprehensive marketing strategies and sales tools.


International SOS, New Jersey

GOGO Worldwide Vacations, New Jersey

Xerox Corporation, New Jersey

PFG AFI Foodservice, New Jersey

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